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Life Changes

I’ve been miserable in my job for years. It’s meaningful work and I am proud that I’ve been of help to people who need it. I have met folks I never would have known. However, spending 3-4 hours commuting and the constant needs of those with whom I work have drained me. Add to that the fact that I have fibromyalgia and am thus in constant pain and you understand why change is needed!

I interviewed for a new job and was told that I made the cut and was among the final three candidates. The HR Manager said we would soon schedule the panel interview. Then radio silence. I haven’t heard from him since. I guess they decided to change course in their search, but still..he could’ve told me. Brutal. In all honesty, I wasn’t thrilled with the job itself and knew it’d be stressful. Yet, it would have paid really well and alleviated the financial stress I have been under.

I believe that there are things unknown occurring and that I need to have faith that things do work as they need to. I’m just feeling disheartened by it at the moment. No one can make these life changes but me, so I won’t give up. I’m just so very tired of the struggle. Literally waking up, getting out of bed, showering, everything is hard when you are in pain. I’d welcome some good fortune to come my way!