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Time passes…and I am not “over it” yet.

R and I are in marriage counseling.  Thankfully, my employer offers an Employee Assistance Program that’s exceptional.  So, we get to see a counselor for free 9 times.  We’ve been twice.  Lucky us, we happened to begin seeing her right about the time she takes her annual three week vacation!  Oh well…our next appointment is this coming week. 

Some days, I feel overwhelmed with love for R.  I believe that we can get past this somehow and forge a future together.  Other days, I am so mad at him I can’t see straight and I wonder how I will ever find the forgiveness necessary to remain with him.  The fact that I believe I am in this mess because of my own karma doesn’t lessen the pain.  I cheated on Scott in my marriage, and now I discovered that R cheated on me.  I had it coming, right?